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Cult of the Tortoise

Deleted 2 months ago
Date: Jul 18, 2021 - switch instance
Time: 04:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Sundays
Posted by: Chizbo
Category: Raids
Hi all!

No Cult last weekend - I think US Father's Day plus summer hit our attendance.

We've completed most of the Moria instances. Dar Nabugud is the primary level 60 instance remaining we have not finished at level and we will likely work on that if we have 10 or more.

If we have fewer, we can :
1. run other Moria instances
2. run some scaling instances or Epic Battles
3. do other group activities you are interested in - speak up if there is any level-appropriate content you'd like to run with fellow Cultists!

See you in game!
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