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General Discussion

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General Discussion

Cult update

Hi all, The Cult of the Tortoise is a group within our kin that is using the Stone of the Tortoise, which you can buy in the Lotro store, to keep a character at level 50 (for now) and do on-level content like instances. The goal was to do some An...
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Guides & Strategies


Congratulations on hitting 130! But your adventure throughout Middle Earth is not yet complete! Welcome to the world of the endgame grind."Grind" is a terrible word for it, as LOTRO's current endgame is (in my opinion) the best they've ever had, w...
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General Discussion

A lot of questions (sorry)

1) I purchased the three books from the Hunter. It doesn't do anything. If I try and use it. Nothing happens?2) I don't understand the Identify (Legendary Forge) etc. And what is the connection with the Motes3) When I have done Skirmish I get at s...
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General Discussion

Kin Creep Tribe

Hey everyone!As an avid fan of Ettenmoors, I (and a few other kinnies) have talked about the idea of starting a kin pvp tribe. I think this could be a fun side activity as a break from the usual middle-earth debauchery. PVP may have a reputation o...
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General Discussion

'ello from Bucbuck

just joined this kinship, looks great! hope you all have a good festive season
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General Discussion

Bloody Threshold

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General Discussion

Kin group content runs - if interested look/post here

Hi guys,I appreciate the scheduled runs Kuz and others are leading, often listed at 5 pm server. We also have had many other impromptu runs with whoever is on at other times.So our kin does a fair amount of advancement related stuff like GS runs,...
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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Guides & Strategies

Endgame Guide (Imlad Morgul and War of 3 peaks)

Finally, you've reached lvl 130, what now!? Let's try to get you to the ultimate achievement: finish the remmorchant raid! With green gear this will not be possible, so gearing up is a must.UPDATE: With the update of the war of 3 peaks, getting ge...
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Guides & Strategies

Legendary Deconstruction Demystified!

After you have your first LI (Legendary Item) you will note that it can only be leveled to 40. You have already learned that you need to add relics in the form of Settings, Gems, Runes, but you have not yet deconstructed any LIs, nor have you crea...
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Hunter: Huntsman (Blue line)

SUMMARY: Movement is key. No miss penalty or Focus loss for movement. Focus is a little like Fervour for champs but Focus sticks around even in non-combat mode. If you're an elf you get a Bow damage bonus race trait so go for bows!DAMAGE: use Swif...
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Guides & Strategies

Grand Stairs Daily Guide and Map

The Grand Stairs Daily:Your goal is to defeat Igash in the Grand Stair without defeating any other bosses of the Moria Orc-tribes. In doing so, you will assist in efforts to reclaim that crossroads for the dwarves and prove your great worth!This i...
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Guides for Game play on LOTRO

Guide to Legendary Weapon Imbuement (Lvl 100)

So you just made it to lvl 100, congratz! But what does it mean now that all of your forge masters have an "imbue weapon" option? Gone are the days of taking so called "legendary" weapons and breaking them down for parts. Now it is time to craft/a...
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Guides & Strategies

Little Tips that make LOTRO Life smoother!

Tips::1. Use your Perks! Open your wallet and note on the left bottom a button named Perks. This is available to VIP players. You can use these perks to buy a number of buffs, but the main one to use is Enhanced Experience! Use it once a day!2. Cl...
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Guides for Game play on LOTRO

How to get both your LIs at level 45!!

First Lis at 45Your First Legendary Items!A character's first Legendary Weapon will be acquired by completing the Vol. II, Book 1, Chapter 9: A Weapon of the Elder Days instance.You can go get your first LI at level 45! You must travel to Echad DĂș...
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Guides for Game play on LOTRO

Legendary Books ( Class Books at Level 39)

When you reach 39 you will get a prompt to visit your class trainer where you can buy three books! You will then have to gather the pages to fills those books by killing mobs.It is important to talk to the NPC mentioned in the relevant quest befor...
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