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First Lis at 45

Your First Legendary Items!

A character's first Legendary Weapon will be acquired by completing the Vol. II, Book 1, Chapter 9: A Weapon of the Elder Days instance.

You can go get your first LI at level 45! You must travel to Echad Dúnann in Eregion. There at a gate close to the Echad Dúnann stable master with a dwarf standing guard, his name is Ráthwald! Talk to him.

Objective 1

Talk to Tulk

Tulk is east of the ruined gate near the Walls of Moria, in the south-east of Eregion.

Ráthwald has told you that an expedition of dwarves has come to Hollin to seek out Balin within the halls of Khazad-dûm. He has told you to offer your aid to Tulk just beyond the ruined gate where he keeps watch.

Ráthwald: 'Tulk is just through this archway. Seek him out if you wish to help the Iron Garrison reclaim Hkazad-dûm, <name>.'
Tulk: 'Welcome to Hollin, <name>. We have followed our lords Bósi and Brogur here with the purpose of reclaiming the mines of Moria, lost to us for too many long years. If you are willing to aid us in this venture, we will be grateful for as long as the mountains stand above the halls of our fathers.
'Know this, though: Khazad-dûm was long ago taken from the dwarves by violence and slaughter, and has remained devoid of our kind throughout the long years. Balin led an earlier expedition to reclaim the great city, but there has been no word from him for many a year.
'We do not know what we may find within the mines of Moria.'

Follow the quest chain, you may or may not decide to do the side quests. That is your choice. To get the first LI complete Volume II, Book 1: The Walls of Moria, Chapter 1 - 8.

NOTE: ( Make sure you bind to the Milestone in Echad Dúnann to return easily for your 2nd LI!)

When you get your reward, your piece of armor and your first LI, you will be told to go to Rivendell and have it identified and to place your settings on it. Once at the forge master and with everything in place you will be told to go questing and level it to level 10 for reforging. An easy way to do this is to do two skirms and not leave the forge master at all! That will save a lot of time and travel. Once you finish the skirms, just reforge the weapon!! You can then return to see Bosi again and go get your second LI!!

Talk to Ráthwald

Ráthwald is at the crumbling arch near the camp of Echad Dúnann in Eregion.

Your weapon has become powerful indeed, perhaps powerful enough to use in battle with the Watcher before the Doors of Durin.

Ráthwald: 'Are you ready? I will bring you to Bósi so that he may be heartened by the mighty weapon that has returned from the depths of time. This may be the advantage we need to wreak vengeance upon the Watcher in the Water for the death of Bróin and the other lives it claimed that day.'
Complete the Instance: The Watcher in the Water quest.

Once you have defeated the watcher you will go chat with Tulk inside Moria!

'Tulk is waiting to speak with you just inside the Doors of Durin. You remember him, do you not? He is pleased that you proved such a boon to the expedition and will be delighted to speak with you again.'

You will be given your second LI!! Congratz Forsaken Lonelander!!!
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