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1. Use your Perks! Open your wallet and note on the left bottom a button named Perks. This is available to VIP players. You can use these perks to buy a number of buffs, but the main one to use is Enhanced Experience! Use it once a day!

2. Clean up your chat experience! Right-click on any tab and then select Change Filters from the drop-down menu. You can edit the things you are seeing in chat! You can also rename chat tabs, or even create a new chat tab! Use these options to make a dedicated kin-chat/fellowship tab!

3. Under combat options select War-Steed Auto Slowdown. This will increase your control over the wild beast!

4. In the UI options, select Always Loot all, and Always Accept Auto Quests! They are close together in the options, just scroll down.

5. Open your Epic Battle screen Shift B and at the bottom of the screen click on the wee yellow arrows and set them to rewards forwarding! You will build towards much better rewards from completing battles!

6. Tried of your inventory being filled up with Steel Loot Boxes, or other unwanted trash! You can filter items by pressing alt + r and then pulling an unwanted item to the account-wide, or just the current character! two other tabs will let you filter out sounds and notices, such as the pesky hobnobigan notice!!

7. Having trouble getting the items to complete your class quests or get rep with a specific faction? No worries, if you have done some skirms, go to the Curiosity trader at the skirm camp and he will have everything you need!

8. Want a really nice Teal ranked armor set for lev 50? Go to the Last Homely House in Rivendell, and on the second floor find the trader for your class! You can buy it with skirm marks!

9. Need wargs in the Lonelands, go to Talath Guan, 34.3 S 25.3 W . There is a den there with fast respawns and lots of crebain as well!

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Thanks! I didn't know about 4/5 of these.
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