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So you just made it to lvl 100, congratz! But what does it mean now that all of your forge masters have an "imbue weapon" option?

Gone are the days of taking so called "legendary" weapons and breaking them down for parts. Now it is time to craft/acquire a weapon that will remain with you for the rest of your adventures.

Before you reach level 100
  • Collect a nice stack of IXP Runes (I recommend at least a dozen 800-940k runes, but more will help you get your weapon to a higher level faster)
  • Collect at least a few of your favorite legacy replacement scrolls, you will also get some scrolls to change legacies on your imbued weapon later
  • Participate in seasonal festivals, barter for Anfalas Star-lit Crystals
  • Save these currencies as you play through content. Amroth Silver Pieces, Silver Tokens, and Gold Tokens. East Gondor Silver Pieces. Stars of Merit, Skirmish Marks/Medallions. Minas Tirith Smiths' Tokens. And at least 100 Central Gondor Silver Pieces
  • Gold to buy materials in the auction house (I spend about 350g)

I'm at level 100, now what?

Now it is time to craft a level 100 First Age weapon worthy of accompanying you for the rest of your questing throughout Middle Earth.

A couple of things to note. You can imbue any level 100 weapon, it doesn't matter if its first, second, or third age. First age weapons have the best passive stats and will cost the least amount of scrolls and crystals to bring to max level so they are the focus of this guide.

You don't have to do this all right at level 100, I wasn't able to build my secondary legendary weapon until level 107 and I didn't have it ready to imbue until level 109.

Step One
Gather materials

For my main weapon I made a bow and for my secondary weapon I made a spear
The difficult piece to gather is the necessary First Age Symbol
I bought this item in the auction hall, 60g for one, 120g for the other. You can also acquire one of the two you need through this deed

Either craft the weapon yourself or ask for help from the kin, this requires T9 crafting ability as well as Westemnet standing with the appropriate crafting guild

Step Two
You have your weapon, now it is time to make some important decisions about legacies as you will have this weapon for a long time!

Go here and click on the "Legacies" link appropriate to your class. It is extremely important to note that Pre-Imbuement Legacies sometimes change drastically after Imbuement. For example, on my hunter I don't like the legacy Low Cut Bleed Chance, but it changes to Bubble Potency after imbuing so I kept it.

You should have 7 post imbuement legacies in mind for each legendary item (six normal plus the one we will add with a crystal of remembrance)

Start leveling your weapon either with IXP Runes or as you would normally. When reforging through level 30 choose your legacies based on your predetermined list keeping in mind which ones will change post-imbuement

After reforging at level 30 use your Anfalas Crystal of Remembrance you can acquire one through the quest Book 3: Chapter 7: Osgiliath Overrun. I acquired my second through the auction hall for 140 g

Use a legacy replacement scroll you saved from deconstructing old legendary weapons to fill your newly acquired slot

Use any other legacy replacement scrolls you saved up from deconstructing old legendary weapons. I suggest only replacing T2 (maybe T3 if you want) legacies and changing the rest after imbuement, otherwise you will be costing yourself extra Anfalas scrolls of empowerment. Plan on being able to replace 5 legacies easily after imbuing, but up to 7 if you do all of the quests. Make sure to plan this out so you replace enough legacies pre-imbuement if you need to.

At weapon level 31-39, use an Anfalas Scroll of Delving (Using this after you crystal of remembrance and then reforging through level 70 saves you one star-lit and 8 scrolls of empowerment)

Continue leveling and reforging your weapon from lvl 40 to level 70

Once your weapon is maxed level 70 make sure to spend your weapons points to max out your main (damage) legacy!

It doesn't matter if you spend points on the rest of your legacies, but max out your damage legacy. It is also recommended to spend 3 of your star-lits so your damage is as high as it can be before imbuing.

Step 3
Now its time to take your weapon to a forge master and imbue it!

*note* this is permanent and cannot be undone. Imbued weapons can no longer be deconstructed and the only way to get rid of them is to destroy them from your inventory.

Use your Imbued Legacy Replacement Scrolls to get all of your desired legacies on each weapon. Do this before leveling the imbued item.

If you haven't already, purchase yourself a couple titles from the reputation vendors at Pelargir (using the 100 Central Gondor Silver Pieces) and slot some of your best relics to the weapon.

Use Anfalas Star-lit crystals that you have been collecting from earlier to upgrade the main legacy tier (if you hover over it it will tell you how many levels you have unlocked and how many are left) You will need approximately 60 to get both weapons to max level

Use Anfalas Scrolls of EmpowermentTo unlock additional tiers of the 7 legacies you have on each legendary weapon. You will need approximately 530 to both weapons to max level

Use any IXP runes you have left to level your weapon up. You probably will not be able to max it out, that is alright. Quests will still give you IXP like normal so just keep playing to continue to level it up.

There are plenty of level cap players who are still working on finishing maxing out their legendary weapons. You will not be able to do this all right at level 100 and thats ok! Your weapon is supposed to grow with you as you play.

Do the Minas Tirith Dailies as soon as you are able as well as the Daily Featured Instance. Those are the two fastest ways to gain scrolls of empowerment.

Other ways are detailed here

Traveller's Quartermasters can now trade motes of enchantement for Star-Lits (with a max unlock level of 58) and Scrolls of Empowerment (with a max unlock level of 74).

Thanks for reading!
Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Great Guide! Well detailed!! TY!!!
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