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SUMMARY: Movement is key. No miss penalty or Focus loss for movement. Focus is a little like Fervour for champs but Focus sticks around even in non-combat mode. If you're an elf you get a Bow damage bonus race trait so go for bows!
DAMAGE: use Swift Bow first for induced initial heavy damage and grind em down with Penetrating Shot and Barrage, who are best friends and rarely go without the other. Split Shot is handy for farm sessions in lower areas, when you go back to earn more LOTRO Points, and for taking on multiple enemies at a time, and starts with 4 targets but can be up to 7. Low Cut pairs nicely with it in close quarters. Another ranged/melee pair is Barbed Arrow and Scourging Blow, Barbed Arrow first for the bleed then Scourging Blow to deal additional damage with it.
HEALING: Huntsmen are pretty self-sufficient at healing, with Blood Arrow combined with Exsanguinate for bleed damage and up to +20% morale. Press Onward also gives 12.5% max morale and 7.5% max power. Purge Poison gets rid of wounds/illness/fear and is usable on fellows (so don't be selfish). Bow of the Righteous reduces power cost of all ranged skills, which is handy in big fights and battles. I myself go into Endurance Stance (Quick Shot returns morale) when it gets tight in a tough mob area so I don't really use Blood Arrow or Exsanguinate but I do use Purge Poison a whole lot. ENDURANCE STANCE SAVES LIVES!
TRAVEL: Ports - the unique ability to go wherever a Hunter wants (granted they are high enough level/have enough rep). Take your fellows with you anywhere, even to your campfire, which should not be kept next to your other campfire on your skills bar.
ON FOOT: Hunters come with the toggle skill Find the Path at level 12 but you can upgrade it from +18% runspeed to a very fast +30% runspeed. It's also a fellowship skill so your friends can also go at the speed of light. Note: Wardens have a similar thing called Forced March but it's only for yourself and you sprint at 38% speed. Basically a small horse. I'm looking at you, Gil. Stop leaving us behind.
MISCELLANEOUS: Press Onward has a trait improver called Perseverance. Keep your ports in your second quickbar for easy use (cramming them in your main quickbar is a pain and it looks messy. Reserve for other skills like heals and melee). Auto-attack works when jumping. Upgrade Quick Shot with your Legendary bow. Bard's Arrow works for finishing off paired enemies. Shoot one and target the other. If it's a ranged/melee pair then take melee first to build Focus with melee skills (thank you devs for that) and take out the ranged last.
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This is a great explanation of this skill line! I am going to try it our today, as mormally I run red line! Thank you!, Kuz
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