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Finally, you've reached lvl 130, what now!? Let's try to get you to the ultimate achievement: finish the remmorchant raid! With green gear this will not be possible, so gearing up is a must.

UPDATE: With the update of the war of 3 peaks, getting gear has become easier!

For participating in endgame activities, having the Imlad Morgul expansion is necessary. War of 3 Peaks (Wo3P) is optional but recommended.

1) First thing to do when you are 130 and have Wo3P, is discovering the entrance of the Stairs (Shakalush, the stair battle). This is just a landmark in Elderslade, and will give you access to that instance in the instance finder panel (ctrl + J). This instance is a 6-man, and tier 1 is almost runned every moment of the day (check world chat, it's everywhere). Once discovered, you can join this run every day. You'll get teal gear soon! The not used gear can be disenchanted into embers (also good).

2) Check your class on lotroHQ. Do you have the optimal trait line (and all the trait points)? Do you have the right virtues? The right weapons, legacies? And are those maxed? What are the best stats for you? All these things will take a while to optimalize, so better know what you want before you start using items!
  • Trait points: current maximum is 95 (+2). Check the lotro wiki where to find them, so you can get them all! This could unlock potentially vital skills for your class.
  • Virtues: virtue XP is precious, you'll need a LOT of it. Try to complete deeds, or finish the weekly quests in Imlad Morgul (see further). You need to get at least 5 virtues to the max! You can slot 5 of them, but sometimes a swap is useful.
  • Weapons and legacies: Check if you have the right weapons. Some classes need swap weapons in fight (again, see lotroHQ). We have a guide for LI's on the site, check it out. Anfalas scrolls and crystals can be bartered for embers/motes, Ancient Ithil-coins (Rako t2 run weekly), Merits (epic battles),... Embers/motes is the fastest way if you are earning a good amount of embers, but the scrolls you can barter have a maximum legacy level (74), try to get all your legacies to lvl 74 that way + your main legacy (DPS, healing) to lvl 58. The dailies in minas tirith, Rako and Pel (=pelargir,epic battle) runs are recommended to get the anfalas scrolls/crystals to bring your legacies to lvl 83 and main legacy to lvl 71 (max).
  • Stats: Know what you want so you can choose the right gear and essences to slot!

3) Get access to the weekly quests in Imlad Morgul, by completing all the quests in Imlad Morgul. This will unlock 3 quests (reset every thursday): complete 4 scaling instances, complete 10 instance quests and defeat 8 scourges (500 embers, 1 ithilharn shard and 2000-3000 VXP each). You'll need the shards for crafting essences, so keep them. A 4th weekly resets every sunday: 500 embers for 100 sigils.

4) Get access to the weekly bounty quest in Limlok, Wells of Langflood. This is a quick one which will provide 3000 VXP and 300 embers.

5) Craft, barter or gain essences to slot in your Stairs gear, to max your stats. If you don't have access to the Stairs gear, barter Adventurers gear for embers, this is good too! Don't be afraid to slot flickering moonlit essences, those are solid and you can easily replace them with essence replacement scrolls (earned in festivals or bartered in skirm camp).

6) Train skill rotations. Fid has a practicing dummy in the kinship house neighbourhood for the DPS-classes, that will give feedback on the damage. Goal is 100k+ DPS for 3 minutes.

7) Discover the entrance to the Remmorchant and the Bloody Treshold. You can start to run remm b1, remm sidebosses t2, bloody treshold t1 and stairs t2+. Please know what will be expected from your class. Read this to know the mechanics for the remm boss:

In remmorchant t1 and stairs t1 you'll get lvl 426 gear. In t2 lvl 430. You cannot do them infinitely, check your raid locks and reset time! Once full equipped with lvl 426+ gear, and when you have mastered your class role, you can start doing boss 2, 3 and 4 of the Remmorchant. Enjoy :)

Questions or extra advice needed? Ask Fid in game! Now we have some lvl 130 people we can start grouping by ourselves :)
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Thank you for taking the time to make this guide!!
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