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#14406124 Aug 18, 2020 at 04:13 PM
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Hi guys,

I appreciate the scheduled runs Kuz and others are leading, often listed at 5 pm server. We also have had many other impromptu runs with whoever is on at other times.

So our kin does a fair amount of advancement related stuff like GS runs, skirms, etc, but I'm also interested in other content that is hard to solo at level and doesn't generally see a lot of PUGs, like group quests in Angmar, instances like Helegrod, Garth Agarwen, Carn Dum, etc. I'm mostly able to play weeknights after 8 PM server time, so if anyone wants to engage in some group activities then, please contact me in-game. My characters currently are 50-58: Chizbo, Chizbodor, Chizwulf, Chizgard, Chizormor. Happy to run some things even if I'm a bit over level just to see some content I've missed so far.


#14461815 Dec 02, 2020 at 01:36 PM · Edited over 1 year ago
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Kuz asked me to also organize any other runs kinnies are interested in. My toons are all under level 80 at the moment, so I'll leave the higher level stuff to those who know what they are doing - Kuz already posted Rako runs, for example.

For those of you interested in running other group content, please post here and indicate what you'd like to see and what times work for you.

For example, I'm interested in running the Northcotten Farm 3 man, Skumfil and Dark Delvings in Moria, Sammath Gul, and the group Deeping Wall and Helms Dike; typically can make it after 8 PM weeknights and more flexibly on weekends.

If we get enough interest I'll post some runs here on the site.
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