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Cult update

Hi all, The Cult of the Tortoise is a group within our kin that is using the Stone of the Tortoise, which you can buy in the Lotro store, to keep a character at level 50 (for now) and do on-level content like instances. The goal was to do some An...
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General Discussion

A lot of questions (sorry)

1) I purchased the three books from the Hunter. It doesn't do anything. If I try and use it. Nothing happens?2) I don't understand the Identify (Legendary Forge) etc. And what is the connection with the Motes3) When I have done Skirmish I get at s...
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General Discussion

Kin Creep Tribe

Hey everyone!As an avid fan of Ettenmoors, I (and a few other kinnies) have talked about the idea of starting a kin pvp tribe. I think this could be a fun side activity as a break from the usual middle-earth debauchery. PVP may have a reputation o...
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'ello from Bucbuck

just joined this kinship, looks great! hope you all have a good festive season
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Bloody Threshold

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General Discussion

Kin group content runs - if interested look/post here

Hi guys,I appreciate the scheduled runs Kuz and others are leading, often listed at 5 pm server. We also have had many other impromptu runs with whoever is on at other times.So our kin does a fair amount of advancement related stuff like GS runs,...
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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