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Congratulations on hitting 130! But your adventure throughout Middle Earth is not yet complete! Welcome to the world of the endgame grind."Grind" is a terrible word for it, as LOTRO's current endgame is (in my opinion) the best they've ever had, w...
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Guides & Strategies

Endgame Guide (Imlad Morgul and War of 3 peaks)

Finally, you've reached lvl 130, what now!? Let's try to get you to the ultimate achievement: finish the remmorchant raid! With green gear this will not be possible, so gearing up is a must.UPDATE: With the update of the war of 3 peaks, getting ge...
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Guides & Strategies

Legendary Deconstruction Demystified!

After you have your first LI (Legendary Item) you will note that it can only be leveled to 40. You have already learned that you need to add relics in the form of Settings, Gems, Runes, but you have not yet deconstructed any LIs, nor have you crea...
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Guides & Strategies

Grand Stairs Daily Guide and Map

The Grand Stairs Daily:Your goal is to defeat Igash in the Grand Stair without defeating any other bosses of the Moria Orc-tribes. In doing so, you will assist in efforts to reclaim that crossroads for the dwarves and prove your great worth!This i...
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Guides & Strategies

Little Tips that make LOTRO Life smoother!

Tips::1. Use your Perks! Open your wallet and note on the left bottom a button named Perks. This is available to VIP players. You can use these perks to buy a number of buffs, but the main one to use is Enhanced Experience! Use it once a day!2. Cl...
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