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Hunter of Angmar: Part III

by Ryuai on Apr 27, 2020 at 01:32 AM}
The sun, never visible in the northern reaches of Himbar, shined for a brief moment on the shore of the pool of acid water that lay below Gath Forthnir. I took heart in this event and pressed onward to slay the messengers of Goblin-town, the Angmarim and the Dourhand dwarf-brigands. Gilithirros, my mentor in the melee arts, greatly made the process easier. In an earlier moment he went through Gorothog Flayers before the gate of Carn Dum like a flame to dry kindling, aiding myself and Lorniel, the interim leader of Gath Forthnir. While not taking part in the actual fights with the sinister messengers, he did thin the forces of the Enemy considerably. My guess for his lack of aid in the main duels was another way of teaching me more skills for future battles.
I could not express my thanks to him for this when he was overwhelmed by the Watcher-stones, evil forces of fear that conquer the unprepared in no time at all. Sometimes I still hear his voice as I drown my sorrow in Isenwine at the Prancing Pony, telling me to stop moping and that he's fine, for the last time.


Lol, "mentor of the melee arts". Love it
I love your journal entries! You should write a tale for the kin history!
I'd love to!
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