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Hunter of Angmar Part IV

by Ryuai on Apr 29, 2020 at 01:24 PM}
Ever since the ranger Maerchiniath showed me the secret paths to get to Gath Forthnír, I have flown back to Imladris and Bree-town for various tasks that called me. After a leisurely Orc-hunt party with some kinmen and a fellow Elf in the north Bree-fields, I headed back to Angmar to trek and fight my way across Rhunendin, the passageway to Carn Dûm, where the Angmarim gather in droves and Gertheryg guard the Gate of Shadows.
I carved and shot my way minimally to reach the gate, utilizing what Hope tokens I had in my bag, when I finally reached the entrance and encountered my second Cargûl, the first one merely a glimpse behind cowering Iron Crown-men. It was surprisingly a simple task to bring down, though not without some difficulty. After its demise at my arrowtips, I opened the gate and slipped inside, and am now hiding in the shadows beyond to recover strength. I hope my armor will not fail before I reach Tármunn Súrsa.

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So I got to Carn Dum, sort of. And I don't have anything worth doing unlocked so this series will be on hiatus for a while. I'm currently in Eregion speeding through quests with Gil's help (thanks again) so not much time to write about it but I'm thinking about writing on kin shenanigans, like messing around on cliffs and getting wrecked by Roving Threats (that's more of a me thing).
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