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The Tale of Jill Baggyns

by Wotul on May 05, 2020 at 11:39 AM}
See the running of the Hobbit,
sprinting with his tiny legs,
he finds it hard to see afar,
for his short stature makes it hard.

What is that shining in the inn?
Shining like a star.
It is but a tiny ring,
admired as it sits upon anything.

Its gold attributed to yellow paint,
it needs no scribbles, as its fake.
Yet it still brings together lying elves,
tipsy dwarves, and many orcs.

The orcs like to chase the ring,
fake or real it still has bling.
The Hobbit shudders at the bridge,
as all the orcs stare at him.

Yet run towards it he still does,
protected by his loyal guards.
Blades clashed loud and far,
as the orcs fell like shooting stars.

Jill Baggyns thought they would of won,
however his heart said something else.
As an orc grabbed his foot,
it said he should of stayed in bed.


Humorous! I love it!
thanks! i found it funny watching a little hobbit charge into a camp filled with orcs without a care in the world lol (perhaps he should of been more cautious!)
Great tribute to Jill Baggyns!! Thank you my friend!
Too funny
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