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From April 3rd to July 15 And Beyond

by Ryuai on Jul 15, 2020 at 05:57 PM}
When I found this kin three weeks into the coronavirus shelter-in-place, I had no idea what it would be like or who I'd meet. I figured being in a casual kin meant they'd keep me for longer than that hardcore raid party in which I could never find a friendly face, or that shortlived kinship on Gladden I eventually left out of boredom (then deleted my character. RIP Ryuai Prime).
You can probably imagine my surprise when I mailed Kuzo a timid and very, VERY politely worded letter on joining the Forsaken Lonelanders and was accepted with real respect into the young but fast expanding kin. As soon as I got the Discord server I leapt into the voicechat and soon met a whole horde of people across the world, including my questing fellows Eoyon and Gil.
Initially during quarantine there were a lot of kin Founders on, but as the world opened up again people started to leave and the OG crowd dwindled away or in some cases left entirely. Some of them in my short time talking to them, however, have left some real impact. Breg has taught me to fall from cliffs if possible. Prip inspired me to smoke more pipeweed. Gil, who still comes around sometimes, has either a very refined taste for the drinks of Middle-Earth, or none at all, but regardless, being completely smashed while battling is not always a bad thing.
Many more come and go as time passes in the real world and ingame, and some have fallen to darker acts, but I have faith in the fact that the kinship's ideals of respect and trust will endure for as long as the game has served the community, and beyond.
You know, I'm not entirely sure where I was going with all that but maybe I got it now.
Thank you all for being amazing and making life better in a difficult time.


That was beautiful.
I should poke around the web site more often - just saw this for the first time. Great read! Come back and run with the kin Ryuai!
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