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First Kin Run of Grand Stairs!

Kuzo / Apr 05, 2020
Eoyon, Gilithirros, Herdrina, Kuz, Gdwizard,Boddoburg ran our first Grandstairs runs today as a kin group! These runs will be daily as long as we have the numbers at level to do them! They are open to all members of the kin 51 or higher! You will collect medallions towards your lev 60 class armor, which you can get from the class vendors in the 21th Hall of Moria! This armor set can last you until you reach level 70! Beware at 70, they are ripped off your body and you may, like poor ole kuz find yourself naked in a strange town

Congratz to all who participated in the runs! Missing from the photos is Gdwizard.



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