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The Lonelanders Inauguration!

Kuzo / Apr 18, 2020
On this day in April, a cool wind blew through Stockpole and the kin gathered to celebrate the opening of our new Kinhouse and this milestone for our Kin!

The events began with Barenaked Fist Fighting! The first opponents were a little unevenly matched, as Rod, fought Unbeard to a decisive victory! Unbeard bravely held his own for the first few seconds at least, and then Rod devastated him with a roundhouse to the left buttock incapacitating poor Unbeard! The next blow hit above the belt but was felt in the neither region below it and Unbeard fell! The round was fought to a draw between Gil and Herdrina! Herdrina would have won if a disgruntled Dwarf who shall remain unbearded, oops I mean unnamed lit a fire and help Gil restore his health!

The next three events were enjoyed by all! The Stockpole Horse race was won by Herdrina, the Bree Race by Rod. The Scavenger hunt put into question all members' knowledge of Bree and some vets learned of places in the town they had not known before! The Insane Elf came out of hiding and was eventually found near the Boar Fountain by Herdrina! All in all a great day!! Thank you to all who took part!! Congratzzzzzzzz!!


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