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The Lonelanders Life

Kuzo / Sep 05, 2020
This week we have had a few exciting events! The winner of our photo contest was Eve, who took an awesome shot of Gollum as he fell into the molten lava of Mount Doom! Eve won 20Gold! You may enter by up loading your screen shots to Images section under Kin Images! If you need help with taking screen shots contact Kuz for assistance!
No one claimed the prize for the Chicken Run which was scheduled last weekend on one took part. Maybe it will be rescheduled for next week,..check your mail! The reward was a Steam Code for the exciting and amazing survival game, Green Hell!! Let-s hope we can pull it off next time around.
The winner will get a copy of Green Hell, and a Co-op tutorial, with Kuz!
The Daily events schedule is posted on our calendar, sign up if you want to take part!! See you there, Kuz!


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