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Contest winner! Kin Band! Movies!!

Kuzo / Sep 27, 2020
This week Eraisedh won hands down the Selfie photo contest! Ipan receives high mention for his effort as well! Contestants are responsible for reading the contest rules and knowing the theme. The guide is provided on the website and the weekly contest rules are sent out in an in-game mail!

The Kin is recruiting 3 members interested in forming a band to be called The Lonelanders Hearts Club Band. The group will concentrate on music by the Beatles and other groups of that era! No knowledge of music, or the ability to play an instrument required, all training will be provided to the dedicated individuals interested! Contact Kuz.

The Cult of the Tortoise is also recruiting new memers of all levels up to Lev 50! Weekly runs and events are scheduled!! For more info contact Rod, or Kuz

Wanna be in the Movies!! Lonelanders Productions needs actors, and camera people!! Contact Kuz for more info!

The Lonelanders a graphic novel is in the works and a preview will be coming soon!! This novel will be made available free of charge to all kin members! Kinnies will be contacted for photos as required.

Have a great weekend, one and all!!


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