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Not everything dead stays dead!

Kuzo / Oct 18, 2020
The weekly photo contest winner is once again our hottest new photographer, Fennel!! Her photo "Somewhere over the Rainbow" has won the weekly prize of 20 Gold, a Legendary Surprise pack, and travel maps to various location, and 7 Grey Dyes!! Congratz!!

The Forsaken Loneladers Ebook is being produced and should be released sometime in December! One image of artwork from the book is depicted above! The book will cover the lore behind the origin of the Kinship! Once completed other stories will be added. The book will be made freely available to all members! Non-members may purchase copies.

Lonelands Studio is recruiting actors and actresses!! Contact Kuz, if you want to participate in the making of short films for the kin You-tube site!!

Lev. 130 runs are now scheduled weekly, Sunday at 4pm EST (Server Time) To check the server time type /servertime into the chat window!

Regularly scheduled daily runs continue and will take place based on sign up on the website.

Kin fun runs have been canceled each week for the past month due to a lack of interest but will be scheduled each weekend as usual. We are hoping that with increased recruiting, we may get a more active interest!!


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