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Ode to the Mad Hobbit

Kuzo / Dec 13, 2020
They left Bree in a flurry of rants and a roar
The Insane hobbit was knocking on heavens door
The Brave Lonelanders stood their ground
Foes, and dangers fell all around

The Midgewater marsh was a walk in the park
but only a prelude to the danger yet to start
They ran as one and stopped but little
They fought like demons and the numbers they did whittle

At the Last bridge they made a stand
Riddles were answered and rewards were at hand
the fight was not over, the journey at no end
The mad hobbit jumped of The Last Bridges strand!

The Trollshaws passed as a bad dream
Each one thought this is not as it seemed
They river was nigh
The crazy hobbit jumped in though the waters where high!

Worms and Bog Guardians made an attack
The Lonelanders circled and drove the onslaught back!
Not one fell to evil all about, the only sound,...
The Mad Hobbit's nonstop screaming, cowardly mouth

The climb was hard and without relief
A huge log they crossed in time so brief
The woods of Eregion loomed ahead
They ran , they fought, not a word was said

Finally ay Echad Eregion, they found some rest
At the Elven camp, shoulders abreast
They stopped by the fire, and took repose
for in the morning, The Mad Hobbit arose,..

Where to next,,only the Valar knows



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