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For days and days, the Elven hunters of Rivendell had been searching the mountains to return Elrosson to his home beside Elrond. In a small pass leading towards Goblin-town, they found his bloodied dead body. His right hand was missing and a large part of his face had been cut away but it was undeniably Elrosson because he held in his left had the sword that had been a gift from his adoptive father, the Elven Mithril blade Orcbane. Strewn about him were the bodies of many, and the blood frozen in the eternal snows of the mountain told the tale of a great struggle on this spot. The Elves read a story from the marks and blood trails left on the ice hardened, snow packed ground. One of the Elven spotted something unusual in the mound of bodies of goblins that surrounded Elrosson. It appeared Elrosson had tried to run, as the goblins were being distracted by another because the scattered bodies that were near Elrosson made a trail back to huge number of dead piled high in the frozen waste. Steam could barely be seen to rise from this larger heap of dead. Moving aside the bodies the Elves found a still breathing woman, and recognized her as Eluthian.


Fidhrobeorn moved as a shadow through the forest, flitting from tree to tree, staying in the shadows he was unseen and unheard. The silence of the place was the only indication that something was amiss. No birds sang, no insects chirped, and not even a leaf stirred. Yet, the sun, which was high in the noonday sky shot scattered beams of light through the canopy and brightened the sense of foreboding that had settled on this beautiful wood. Fidhrobeorn stopped and listened, but all was as still as death. He followed the obscure tracks easily because to his eye they were as evident as the passing of a drunk through the streets of Bree. Fidhrobeorn sniffed the air and knew he was close to his prey and soon would have the beast within his grasp.

Elrond had been as a father to Fidhrobeorn, and it was he who had given Fidhro the nickname of Morco (Quenya : Bear). Fidhrobeorn loved his adopted father dearly. He had been sent to the Homely house at this young age to learn the ways of the Elves, so that in time he could return to The Vale as an emissary. Fidhrobeorn was then still a cub of the flickering moon, and ran wildly about the Homely House shifting to his bear form and chasing the young maids about.

Some years later Aragorn and Fidhro sat in silence as a travelling bard told a tale of a betrayal that had all but rendered Elronds heart asunder. Elrond had often shown kindness to those who came to The Last Homely House, as he did with this distant relative from his brothers side, Elrosson. In truth Elrosson had a greater relation to Aragorn than Elrond, but he had been adopted into the inner circle that Elrond considered family. Another who shared in that priviledge was Eluthian.

The first time the two met was at their formal introduction by Elrond. It was clear to Elrond that something in their demeanor changed when they they met! He saw that they both had changed. Afterwards Elrosson was to be seen in her company often. Some nights in a full moon he could be heard singing to her at the Falls below the Homely House. Elrond knew they had fallen in love, but it was a forbidden love, and he could not tolerate it. Elrond did not conceal his distaste for the union and he spoke to both and forbid them meeting again. They disobeyed him! It was thus that Eluthian lost favor with the Elf Lord.

After they heard the tale, Morco questioned his adoptive father about the incident, and saw for the first and only time in his life, Elrond cry tears. Elrond spoke softly, and ordered Fidhro, never to bring up the subject again. The bard who had told the tale was dismissed from the valley. Fidhro having seen the deep wound inflicted on the Half Elven then swore that one day Eluthian would die and his adoptive father would be avenged. Sadly, The Bard, had not told the full truth, nor possibly did not know the complete tale and so Fidhro did not know the whole story.

It is more often the nature of the Beorn to kill his prey up close , and without stealth, and so it was now that Fidhrobeorn stood high on his back legs in raging bear form ready to make the kill. He stood in the shadow with legs apart, directly behind Eluthian, who was drinking from a stream. She was aware that her death, now so many years in the coming was nye. She saw Fidhrobeorn reflection in the water. The cool, fresh liquid trickled down her nose, as she lifted her head and long curly locks from the stream and flicked the hair back from her face.

With a howling roar that would have stopped the heart of the heartiest orc, and then followed by a swift slashing of claws, the beorn attacked! Eluthian, turned swiftly, fainting right, then left and stopped to look directly at Fidhrobeorn, and smiled, and as if time were stopped, she dropped her axe and stood motionless. The gesture knocked the wind from Fidhrobeorn's assault, and he changed to man form.

Eluthian, beckoned Fidhrobeorn forward and lowered herself gracefully to the moss covered ground, saying to Fidhrobeorn as she did so. “Come child, and share a meal with an old woman, I think we should talk. I have much to tell you, please listen.”


Eluthian had come to the Homely House, after she had spent a few years in the surrounds of Bree, with her companion of old, Loqu. Hunting and fighting against the small Orc incursions into Bree had passed a few years for both adventurers, but Eluthian ever restless, had decided to move on and to go find the Elf Lord Elrond. Airealla, had heard so many stories about the Elf Lord and his kindness to her family. Eluthian had a lineage that could be drawn back to warriors who took part in the great war of Elves and Men! It was told that any member of her family would be invited into the Homely House as an honored guest of Elrond, and would be treated with respect and reverence.

“ After fighting my way through the Trollshaws, killing trolls and giants alike, I found the path down from the High Hollins and into the valley of the Elves! The guards there ever cautious, arrested me and took me before the Ole Elf. I had expected to meet an old man, but he was so young looking. Elrond had an adopted bastard nephew. Though I knew I should never have succumbed to my feeling, I fell in love with him at first sight!” She looked down at the moss and Fidhrobeorn saw that tears fell from her eyes and were soaked into the soft green ground covering. “ Elrond forbade us be together, and so I left and went into the Misty Mountains to sulk, and to be alone.”

Fidhrobeorn knew this to be true because he had also heard rumors trickled back to Rivendell of a warrior who hunted Goblins and Giants in the mountains for the Dwarves who had outposts there. It was said she was a wild woman who ate goblins alive and cut down giants as a woodsman cuts down trees. Hearing of this woman of the mountains, Elrosson whose love for Eluthian was matched only by hers for him, sneaked out of Rivendell by moonlight and shadow, and armed with bow and sword, made his way into the mountains. Fidhro, lost his anger and listened to the rest of that story, the complete story.

The elves transported her near dead body back to Rivendell. Once again Eluthian lost the battle to her wounds and passed out. She slept, but this time in the care of the Elves of the Homely House. It was not until some weeks later that she revived and was able to talk. She told Elrond she had been returning with Elrosson, because though the Elven Lord may think her a scoundrel, she would not allow her love of Elrosson cause him to be seen in that same shameful light by Elrond. She loved Elrosson it is true, but she also respected and had come to love the Elven Lord. They were returning to ask forgiveness and to be married as was fitting. Elrosson had decided to forgo his elf life and to live as a human, with a human. Upon hearing this, Elrond but looked at Eluthian in her sick bed, said not a word, and walked away.

Eluthian got out of Rivendell that second time with assistance from Elrond himself who showed her a way through a secret passage beneath the falls of Rivendell, and took her to the High Moors were both friends spend the night in deep conversation. Elrond hugged her, and told her he wished that things had been different, but that she was never to return. In the morning Elrond was at breakfast in the Homely House and Eluthian was no where to be seen.

The tales of the Wildwoman of the Mountain once again trickled into Rivendell. Stories of a whole valley wooded not with trees but by blood and gut covered spikes, mounted with the heads of orcs and goblins alike. Tales of a troop of 20 Giants found crawling through the snow, their feet had been hacked off, and as they crawled a blood smeared trail followed . A troop of Dwarves reported killing a train of Orcs, one tied to the the other behind, every tenth with one eye, and all the others blinded, eyes removed! There were evenings when Elrond could be found sitting outside the Homely House looking up at the mountains, as he smoked his pipe, and some said there were tears in his eyes.

Fidhrobeorn picked his club up from the ground, as he stood from the fire hey had now shared and he looked down at Eluthian.“ I wish I had known the whole story, I had wondered why Elrond cried then when he told me this tale of the wildwoman?” “ You do not know?”asked Eluthian “ I see then” “Morco,...Elrond has lost much to those mountains, and in his mind they are Misty more then in name. His wife Celebrian left her body in those mountains many years hence, I suspect the tears were for her, and his telling you of our misadventure conjured up old pain. You see young one, love knows no age, it knows no boundaries, it knows no death, love is as eternal as the stars over our heads.”..Eluthian stood and turned her back on the Beorn, and walked off into the darkness of the night.they had talked the day it was the tears of the Beorn that doused the flames before him...