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Playing in the Lonelanders Hearts Club Band

You must be a Mini and have an instrument to play, or be mentored in the playing of an instrument.

To play music you must enter into music stance by typing /music into the chat

To play a song solo you type /play and the <filename>

To play with others, each types: /play <filename> sync

After all in the group have typed /play <filename>
sync, to begin the song the leader will type: /playstart

You can play simultaneously, using different instruments!! There are ABC files available for just that!

First, make sure each of you has the same song’s ABC file in your Music folder. The files themselves do not have to be named the same, but it needs to be the same song.
Now, log into the game and form a fellowship with whomever you want to play with.
While in the fellowship, everyone enter music mode using /music
Each person will then type /play <filename>sync with “<filename>” being the name of your ABC file you are all going to play.

For example, if you wanted to play, you would all type /play Song1 sync If your fellows ABC file were named say, he would type /play Song2 sync

You should all receive a message on your screen after entering this command that says something along the lines of, “Player_Name is ready to begin synchronised playing”

Once you have all sync-ed up and are ready to begin, the leader can then type /playstart

You will receive a message confirming that synchronized playing is about to begin and then it will begin!
Congratulations! You are now playing simultaneously with your fellowship members!

Index of Commands

/music – a toggle, enter or leave music mode
/play Filename – begins solo playback of an ABC file
/play Filename sync – prepares player for synchronised playback of an ABC file
/playstart – begins synchronous playback of an ABC file

Usually, you save your files to “C:\Documents \%username%\My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Music , but this may vary depending on your OS, and set up. I have tested each of the files in the list below in world and all work. When you save your files you may name them anything that you want, but best to use the name of the song, no caps, no spaces or you may get errors.

The Music:



Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles

Helter Skelter The Beatles

Hello Goodbye The Beatles

Imagine John Lennon

She Loves You - Beatles

Yellow Submarine - Beatles

Yesterday - Beatles

Blackbird - Beatles


Barbie World


Call Me

Cats in the Cradle


Dust in the Wind

Proud Mary

Riders of the Storm

Smoke on the Water

Sweet Dreams

Tubular Bells

The Joker

We will Rock You

We are the Champions


Back Yard Jig

Black Cove Reel

Danny Boy

Gary Owen

Joe Batts Arm

Newfie Dory

Rocky road to Dublin

Titanic Theme

Whiskey in the Jar