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The sun settled in the east that evening as it had done since the first days of light in the world and exhausted young Caiyla fell into an easy sleep. Herbert and his wife Marymae snuggled on a bearskin in front of the fireplace, and Herbert sang a soft sweet love song to his wife. Her heart melded now as it had the first time she heard Herbert sing fifteen years past at the Bree Spring Fair. The fire lite the smile on her lips and the song floated with the flame and smoke up the chimney and danced across the fields that surrounded the house.

Andreg had been tracking the orcs since they had descended into the valley, and was only a day behind them. He had picked up some help from a Warrior Minstrel named Kuzok, and together they slowly gained on the band of marauders. Kuzok saw the smoke off in the distance as the sun rose that brisk morning. The Falls first frost had hardened the ground and made tracking difficult but upon seeing the smoke both men took up a running pace towards the fire.

The two men moved silently as they neared the Orcs who had tied a young girl to a fence post and were dancing about her and taunting her. It wasn't until they were close enough to hear her screams that they could make out what the orcs were doing. They had two heads on sticks and were teasing the girl, as they danced around her with the heads. Two others were placing wood at his feet and grinning and laughing! Horrified and without hesitation the two warriors rushed in, and Andreg`s sword cut deep into the head of one of the wood gathers! Kuzok beat on his drum and the head of a second exploded into a spray of blood and grey matter. Gazbûrz moved like a snake and rounded Andreg with three others, but Kuzok, with a fast played rhythm of his drum, dispatched the three, as Andreg beheaded the screeching Gazbûrz! The rest of the attackers lost heart and ran away followed by the sound of the drum of Kuzok, and falling in waves as they were overtaken by its revenge-filled beat. Andreg untied the girl who, looked up at him and then fell faint dead into his arms. Andreg said, 'We cannot afford to stay this investigation any longer. The orcs have already proven more resourceful than we expected. if they organize quickly in the eastern fields of Bree-land, then there is no telling how far they will travel westward." Kuzok said, “OK, you investigate the southern ridge of the gorge to the north. I will take the girl into Bree.'

The years between then and now were many but in the darkness and in her mind Caiyla, hummed a tune that her father had taught her to soothe her at night when the terrors came to her sleep. She only learned as a teen the significance of that tune, when her mentor, Kuzok taught her the magic of the music.

Gilithirros unmatched with the bow had continued training Caiyla after she moved in with him and his family. The skills she learned only improved her abilities with Bow and Sword! It now gave her strength and increased her resolve as she inched forward. Caiyla, recalled the fight, and her attempts at breaking through that armor of scales, but none had counted on a dragon of such strength, and none could have survived its flames, and no hunter, could have saved her companions through such an onslaught. The Guard had pushed Caiyla back as he took the brunt of the dragons slashing claws and flames on his shield and body. With one huge shove from the guard, Caiyla had gone sliding across the cavern floor and then falling, falling, air and darkest swept past,..and later she woke.

Suddenly a flame! Caiyla, cowered for a minute and tried to make herself as small as possible, as the dragon had found her and death was nye. A huge shadow of a monstrous size reflected off the wall in front of her, and Caiyla began to prepare with an attack to seek its heart, one of great force! An arrow pierced the air and Caiyla`s bow was flung across the gravel-covered floor. “Halt!!! your infernal attack, before you kill one of us!”, shouted Prip. Caiyla, looked up to see before him three figures...two elves and a man all armored to the teeth and glowing in the light of the torches they carried. “My name is Kuzo, and this is Prip and Loqu, and we have been looking for you! Follow us young Lonelander, if it is wealth, friends and adventure you seek, you will find it aplenty, we have need of your skills!”