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Kin Charter
Kinship Rules

These rules are to be accepted by all members. If you can not abide by these rules you are in the wrong kin, and may leave of your own volition. Kin Members who are found guilty of any infraction according to these rules shall be stripped of rank and demoted to Recruit for a period to be determined by the FOUNDERS. Serious infractions may result in a dismissal after reviewing by the FOUNDERS.

  1. The main rule of this kin can be summed up in one word, RESPECT. It is expected that we respect each other within and outside of the kin. That includes in WORLD CHAT. Reports of kin members trolling, inciting, mocking or being disruptive in WC, will not be tolerated. We will not tolerate bigotry, hatred, prejudice, sexism, etc. Please show respect and act honorably.
  2. We are a casual kinship with the main goal being social interaction and enjoyment of the game. Gameplay style and participation in kin activities is an individual's choice. No one shall be criticized or mocked in any way for their preferences in this or in any regard.
  3. New recruits will be promoted to full members after two weeks in the kin, unless otherwise decided by the Kin leader. Members must be active in the kin for three months to become officers. Officers will be promoted upon recommendation by two or more officers or founders for a trial period of one month before being given full officer rights.
  4. There are no stupid questions. New players and new Kinnies shall be given honest and correct answers to their questions without being facetious or malicious in our responses. We will conduct ourselves as honorable adults and help where possible.
  5. The Kinchest is available for use to all members. Members may take items for their own personal use only. Anyone taking items from the kin-chest and posting them in the AH will be immediately expelled. Members may add only purple or teal items to the kin-chest, class items, and crafting items for crit, or items indicated by the tabs in the kin-chest.
  6. Officers are not required to help with Kin maintenance but it would be a nice gesture if upon seeing an opportunity to make a payment to do so towards the house maintenance cost.
  7. Kin Members should help each other freely and must not charge in coin for any assistance or items shared. If you want to recover some cost of crafting, we have an option in the AH ( Auction House) to sell to Kinnies or you may ask for help with materials.


1. It is our Kin-Chest, it is your Kin-Chest! Any member may take anything from the chest that can be used for the characters they have in the kinship.

2. You must never take things from the kin-chest and place them on the AH! This will mean immediate dismissal from the kin, and warnings posted about your behavior on world chat for kin leaders to consider.

3. Only purple or teal crafted items of armor or weapons should be placed in the kin-chest. Do not place armor from regular drops in the chest. Dropped Teal armor that is bind when equipped may be placed in the chest.

4. Tabs on the Kin Chest show designated locations for items. Place items in the appropriate locations.

5. Only take what you need. If there is a stack of items, you can take out the stack, and divide it by holding shift and the right mouse button and pulling the stack to an empty slot in your inventory. Select the number of the item you want and return the rest of the stack to the kin-chest!

6. Do not place trash in the kinchest. Trash includes Lootboxes, Open craft recipes, yellow items, vender trash.