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Elrond spoke softly to the children about him. It was a tale he had told many times and one he liked to tell the children. In it he hoped they would learn a lesson.

“After the War of the Last Alliance, Isildur remained in Gondor for two years before returning to Arnor, reordering the kingdom and instructing his late brother's son Meneldil, who became king after Isildur departed from Gondor. Although he sent most of his army back home, he kept some two hundred with him. They set out for Rivendell, as Isildur had left his youngest son and wife there, expecting to arrive there after a march of forty days.

As the sun was setting and the army was preparing to make camp for the night, a large band of orcs appeared out of the trees and attacked. The orcs had many more warriors than Isildur, and Isildur gave his father's sword Narsil into the keeping of his squire, Ohtar, whom he commanded to escape to Rivendell. Ohtar escaped the orcs and came into Elrond's valley some months later.

Isildur and his army were able to easily beat off the attack with their superior tactics and armor. He was still concerned and the army moved down closer to the river, although they expected the orcs to send only scouts after Isildur's stronger force, as they would usually do after being defeated. However, the One Ring was calling out to all the servants of its recently fallen master, demanding to be rescued.

The orcs attacked again after less than a mile, committing all of their forces, and they soon had the Dúnedain surrounded. Although the archers were taking out many of the orcs, there were far too few and the sun was setting. The orcs attacked at the sound of their trumpets but were kept back by the long reach of the Dúnedain weaponry. They drew back to reconsider and charged again. This time two or even more orcs would jump up at a single Dúnadan and crush him. The victim was then dragged out and killed. Isildur lost two sons this way.

Although the orcs paid as much as five-to-one, they could afford it. Isildur and Elendur, his last son, rallied the Dúnedain. Elendur commanded his father to don the ring, becoming invisible, to flee—and sealed his fate. Soon all of the remaining Dúnedain were dead, apart from two unnamed men who later escaped and Estelmo, the squire of Elendur, who had been clubbed on the head and then covered with the bodies of his comrades.

Isildur was able to make his way to the Anduin before casting off his greatsword and armor. Still wearing the Ring, he swam to the other side; however, as he did, the One Ring slipped off his finger, and Isildur was shot through the throat by an orc archer set there for just such a purpose. The Ring sank to the bottom of the Great River, where it would remain for the next 2500 years.

"Then suddenly he knew that the Ring had gone. By chance, or chance well used, it had left his hand and gone where he could never hope to find it again. At first so overwhelming was his sense of loss that he struggled no more, and would have sunk and drowned. But swift as it had come the mood passed. The pain had left him. A great burden had been taken away. His feet found the riverbed and heaving himself up out of the mud he floundered through the reeds to a marshy islet close to the western shore.

There he rose out of the water: only a mortal man, a small creature lost and abandoned in the wilds of Middle-earth. The night-eyed Orcs that lurked there on the watch saw him as he loomed up, a silhouette against a dark sky, creating a monstrous shadow of fear in their hearts, and with piercing eyes, they loosed their poisoned arrows at it and fled. Needlessly, for Isildur unarmed was pierced through heart and throat, and without a cry, he fell back into the water. No trace of his body was ever found by Elves or Men."

Thranduil, King of Greenwood, hastened to the battle, hoping to save the Dúnedain, but he was unable to do anything beyond stopping the mutilation of their corpses.”

“Who were the other two survivors?” asked a young Bylrond. Elrond closed his eyes, and looked distant...” That my little one is another tale,..a tale for another day",..he looked up, as Klordavin walked into the room.

Micwood crawled through the mud and slime of battle. He could hear the screams of his comrades as the orcs dismembered them alive, and decapitated their heads for trophies. His wounds were grave and He knew death was a close companion, it was a friend He now welcomed for there was nothing left. His eyes dimmed and his heart beat it last rhythm, and his light passed from this world.

When Klordavin awoke, he saw that his wounds were no more, and his body was not only rested but it was rejuvenated and felt younger than his years. To his surprise and delight, he saw sleeping in the next bed, his old childhood friend and long time companion in war and life, Micwood! Micwood too looked miraculously healed and unharmed.

Klordavin, began to survey their surrounding, noting a huge fireplace, that gave off a particular warmth. The smell of fresh bread and fruit came from a nearby table. Feeling ravishingly hungry, Klordavin, sat and ate, as a multicolored light filled the room from windows of glazed, faceted glass! What a strange place he thought. We must be dead and this is our reward,..

Then he heard a sound, no a song came to him on the wind,.."Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow! Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!" and the door of the house burst open!! Klordavin jumped back from the table and ran to his friends' side! He stood before Micwood holding a huge wooden spoon as if it were a cudgel!

“Hi dee ho, Merrydoooo, no need to fear, me,,eeeey dooo!” The strange creature before them smiled, and then laughed a lyrical laugh of joy! “Hey dee me, my friends, you be!!!” Sleep forever, in all the weather, sleep through an ents time, yee dooo!” The little fellow was dressed in leaves and a golden light, that emanated from all around him! It was with that that Micwood opened his eyes and sat up on the bed. “Klordavin!!!” He exclaimed, “Finally you wake! And I see you have met Iarwain Ben-adar !”

Iarwain Ben-adar had watched the battle from his perch in a nearby tree, and was sipping sweet-water, and singing as it took place, for it was nothing to concern him. It was later rumored that Iarwain (Tom Bombadillo) had taken the only two survivors he saw crawl away from that slaughter and gave them refuge in his home in the Old Forest. Thus it was that the two survivors of The Battle Lost also known to men as the Battle of Gladden Fields survived into an age they did not know, with centuries of past lost to time and without memory. Not realizing the passage of time, Ben-Adar had fed them with mirth and magic while they had slept away an Ent's sleep.

Bombadil, later walked the two to the edge of the Great Forest and pointed them towards the closet settlement of men, a place called Bree. The two with the eyes of children newborn walked the road towards the settlement and their stories began anew!