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Gearing up in game can be as simple as living with the armour you get from drops, but it is usually very inferior to the armor you could have from Crafting, Reputation, or the Skirm camps. If you are not a crafter and do not like the independence that comes with being a self-sufficient crafter you do still have some options.

Within our kin assistance with armor is readily available and you will get any armor you ask for in kinchat if a crafter is online who can assist you! You may have to supply mats but you will never be charged coin, nor should kin crafters ask for coin! You will be expected to pass the kindness on and to assist within the kin in various ways available.

You can easily get by on dropped armor until level 18. I suggest you make or request crafted armor at Lev 18, for that lev, or check and see if what you need is in the kinchest! The kinchest should be the first place you look when you need anything! If it isnt there, then ask in Kinchat! The next set you should need will be Lev 22. Then other options are available at Level 25.

At Skirm Camps are venders for each class type, Light, Medium, and Heavy! DO NOT USE THEM!!! It is crap! Go to the Classic Vender at the Skirm Camp, who can get you started with the Grand Barrows Set. Each set has a varient of Light, Medium or Heavy armor. Follow the link above for detailed info on each set.

The Next available set with the Classic Vender is the Fornost Set which is for levels 37 to 42 minimun.

That stuff should get you to Level 50 when you have two main options! Again at the Classic Vender in the Skirm Camp you have the Eregion Armor Set!

The better option at Level 50 is the Class Trader at the Last Homely HOouse in Rivendel!!