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Our History

The battles lost in the lands east of Bree have been many but the real war has only just begun! The Forsaken Lonelanders was born of battles lost and walk out of history through the fog of myth and legend, as warriors of blood and flame.

After Amlaith moved the capital of Arnor to Fornost as the first King of Arthedain the dice was cast for The Lonelands. The kingdom of Arthedain and its capital flourished for roughly a thousand years until it was destroyed by an invasion from Angmar in III 1974 - 1975, which ended with the Battle of Fornost. After this point, the surviving Dúnedain of Arthedain scattered and began to call themselves the Rangers of the North, having no kingdom anymore but gathering under chieftains. It was this line that eventually led to Aragorn, also known as the ranger Strider.

It was many years before the establishment of the Rangers that Kuzo came to the valley below Weathertop. He had left the life in the court of the High Elves behind so long ago that no human or hobbit would have a memory of it. He had fought in the war for Fornost, and had seen many horrors. Even then after the war, Ost Guruth remained a thriving community and Kuzo would visit there often to trade goods and pick up supplies for his new homestead.

Over time the Lonelands began to attract other settlers and though a bit of a recluse, Kuzo came to care for his new neighbors. Men from Bree, and Hobbits from the Shire, and even some dwarves and other elves had come to call the lands around Weathertop home. These were happy and peaceful times for all. Bodlordan had settled in Ost Guruth and had become a very good friend and some said even a student of Radagast! Whispers about town were that Bod and Hana the dreamer were an item, but who listens to loose talk like that...

Tanglin another shifty friend of Radagast is said to be a skin-changer who lived in a small cabin near the Last Bridge. They say he changes his skin; sometimes he is a huge black bear, sometimes he is a great strong burly man with huge arms and a great beard. "I cannot tell you much more, though that ought to be enough. Some say that he is a bear descended from the great and ancient bears of the mountains that lived there before the giants came. Others say that he is a man descended from the first men who lived before Smaug or the other dragons came into this part of the world, and before the goblins came into the hills out of the North. I cannot say, though I fancy the last is the true tale."

Each year at the Spring Festival in Bree the families, farmers, and hunters of The Lonelands would gather at the Newly opened Great East-Road Inn, and await the arrival of Radagast the Brown. Together all traveled to the grand festival grounds of Bree!
The Inn was prosperous these days and many a traveler stopped for an ale, or room for the night. One such was Pripin, who a few years before the events about to unfold, had wandered into the inn on an old nag of a Goat. He claimed it was a gift from the Dwarf King himself for deeds and bravery shown in the Goblin Wars of the Misty Mountains. Folks at the Inn became accustomed to Prip, his drinking, his debauchery, and his very very tall tales. Prip never left but took up residence at the Inn.

It was at a Festival in Bree that Kuzo was taken aside by the Ranger known to the Eglain as Strider. Strider warned Kuzo of rumors he had heard. He spoke of the wizard Gandalf, and of horrors from the past, but Kuz had heard the stories before. He told Strider, that with respect he had other concerns, for his children were growing and his wife was once again with child. He loved her and his little ones more than life itself.

The High Elf had been sent by Elrond to the Trollshaws to confirm rumors of Orcs and Goblins moving towards The Lonelands. Sarph had stopped for a night at Thorenhad, a settlement located within the area of Bruinen Gorges. He was a little uneasy in the company of the Elves there and so shared a fire with the few Drawves who called the place home. Birrungur Blacksteel shared what he knew with Sarph. He said he had been out testing his metal on Stone Trolls when he had come across a large camp of Orcs and Half-Orcs. He had skirted the camp and picked up enough information to know that they were headed to the Hills around Weather-Top, in the Lonelands. Sarph, stood up immediately, and threw the ale from his glass onto the ground and quickly walked to his mount, and rode off into the darkness!

A chill wind blew down the Great East Road that fall day, and though his wife was about to give birth, Kuzo saw the need to fill the larders for the coming winter. He left his family and rode towards the Last Bridge to track and hunt for Boars, and Deer. He had kissed his wife goodbye and told her he would be back within a week. His children had waved and the smallest one, Nanine cried and ran down the road in the wake of her father. Kuzo tried to block her anguish from his mind and kicked his horse into a gallop.

Kuzo stopped in Ost Guruth to get some supplies for his camp. He had decided to set up camp at Dol Vaeg. The view from this ancient hilltop would provide him with a broad view of the surrounding area, and he knew the hunting would be good there as it had been in years past. He had had dinner with Frideric the Younger at his house in the craft quarter, and Frideric had told Kuzo he was concerned.
Lyseris the Hunter, had told of seeing Orcs and Goblins gathering in the Trollshaws. Radagast had gone two weeks earlier into the Trollshaws to investigate but had not returned. Frideric was very concerned and felt Kuzo should also be worried and in the very least show caution.

The howls and screams vibrated the night air creating a visceral horror that sank through the flesh, soaked the bones and hardened the heart! Sarph did not shrink back but moved towards what sounded like a huge battle just ahead! He had spear and javelin ready and had made his battle preparations as any Warden worth his salt was like to do. Then all went silent, and he heard a bird sing a beautiful song! He climbed upon a huge rock to better view the scrimmage below, but what he saw amazed and shocked him. An old man stood at the center of a scene that was incredibly unbelievable!
Hanging from the branches of trees and crushed under boulders too heavy for giants to lift were the corpses of Goblins, Orcs, and Half-Orcs. All the ground and plants around the old codger were soaked in blood, but he sat whistling a tune along with the three small wrens that sat on his arms, as pleasant as if he were in a glade of Lothlorien! Radagast turned, as Sarph made himself known, and smiled, "Well met, High Elf, what brings you this way?"

The hunting had been good for the first two days and Kuzo thought he would make an easy and early trip of it. On the third night, as he was cooking a large rabbit on a spit over the fire, he heard a horrific howl come from Nan Dhelu. The ruins there had been abandoned centuries before! Kuzo doused the fire quickly and using all the stealth in his power he slipped through the ruins and towards the screams that did not cease!

In Bree the rumors had spread quickly, as they always do. The Prancing Pony was always the place to go if you wanted to know what was happening in the wider world. Cecil Oaksey trimmed and cut the hair of every wayward and traveler of purpose that passed through, and usually, it was from him that news passed. Xandaar woke from a night of revelry and made his way to the main bar. Groggy though he was his trained hearing caught the word on the wind. A small group gathered at a table close to the bar was talking about an Orc incursion into the Lonelands.

They were getting louder and some had drawn weapons and were shouting about going to the aid of the Lonelanders! Pancake stood, and flourished his banner of war! " I will lead us into the fray! My banner will stand victorious!" A soft voice rose and was absorbed by the group, but yet somehow heard by all. Wulfgharm seemed to appear from nowhere, as he spoke, " So far we only have rumors. No one has seen an Orc in the Lonelands in hundreds of years. Yet, I have friends there and even rumors give me cause, I am with you!" A low rumble turned into a harsh loud roar and everyone fell back from the table! "I am with you!", growled Lekdottir in an inhuman voice that caused fear in all that heard it. A huge hammer hit the floor of the Inn and the feet of all felt the reverberations as if an earthquake had occurred! Unbeard swung his hammer back over his right shoulder and his long beard over his left! "You go nowhere without this Dwarf! If there is to be a fight, you will need me, and my hammer. I wager I can kill ten Orcs to each you slay!! Now, give me a tankard of beer, thoughts of battle make me thirsty!" "Then it is settled! I will guide us unseen through The Midgewater, and uncover any Orc scouts or vanguard troops that may be about!", Thoranhad offered from the shadows. Noone had noticed the Warden until that moment.

The stones were slick from a fresh rain and drenched through to the skin, Kuzo felt a dreaded chill as fear entered his heart for the first time in his life! The cold caused an ache in his bones and the discomfort ran deep into his being. The sight that Kuzo saw had not been witnessed by any civilized living being for centuries past!

Kuz notched an arrow into this bow and with the skill and agility he had mastered over the ages he let the arrow fly. Northrim the Old died instantly, as his heart burst the instant the arrow found its mark. Kuz had killed his old friend but it was a killing of mercy because the monsters that had tormented his body had left nothing that could be saved. Kuz let fly a second arrow at the horrors he recognized these creatures to be, some bloated, some barely sheathed in flesh, and others bereft of flesh! These things were undead! Kuz did not return to his camp but through the night slowly made his way back to Ost Guruth.

Ost Guruth had changed in the past few days since Kuzo had left on his hunt. Radagast had returned and locked himself in his tower, and spoken to none but Frideric. It was from Frideric that Kuz got the news of Orc and Goblin attacks throughout the Lonelands. They had filed across the Mitheithel, known as the Hoarwell in the tongue of Man under cover of darkness in throngs, and had gathered in the hills surrounding the vales of the Lonelands. From these secreted places they had attacked in mass, and the slaughter and destruction had not ended there! Sarph, a Ranger of Elrond, had confirmed, they had set up camps and continued to ravage the countryside! Lyseris, and Sarph left the town early in the morning to scout the hills around Ost Guruth, as the town prepared for an expected battle.

Asneros was a Champion High Elf of great renown and had long been a great friend of Kuzo's. They had both moved to the Lonelands after the War of Fornost and had been baptized brothers in blood in that horrific war! Asneros did not settle down like Kuzo, as his spirit was not to be still for long. His heart yearned for battle and his battle cries echoed through the marshes and fens of the Lonelands, as he hunted Trolls of all sorts, demons from his past, ghosts of battles lost and old wars fought. He had been in Ost Haer, within Harloeg resting after a day of slaughtering Trolls in the surrounding swamps when he got the news of Orc movements in the Lonelands.

Kuz rode hard through the torrential rains and harsh winds that lashed at his flesh. He had only one thought, one destination, one disparate worry, his family and his home, and nothing would stand in his way! He hardly noticed that another had ridden out of the darkness and was galloping alongside him. Through the blurred vision generated by the rain and anger he felt in his soul, he recognized his friend, Asneros. They decided to cut off the road and take a short cut to his farm across the homestead of his neighbor, a hobbit..

Chapter 2 The Battle fought!

The Lone-lands had been devastated by the onslaught that took place. It was not prepared in any way and the attack had been sudden and brutal. The first wave was a distraction, that targeted the outlying farms and Inn along the Great East Road. This had drawn the militia out of Ost Guruth and left the only viable community in the Lonelands vulnerable. Neither Sarph, nor Lyseris had returned, and fear hung on the air like cobwebs in a cellar. Orcs and Goblins assaulted the old fort in one huge front, which was followed by attacks by Dourhand dwarves and half-orcs. The blood of inhabitants ran like water through the streets. Radagast the Brown fought with all his power and had the forces of nature not been on his side all may have been lost. Tanglin is said to have turned into a bear and cut through the enemy like a sharp wind, cutting down hundreds and creating a mountain of corpses. The blood ran down the hills from Ost Guruth and corrupted the blue waters below and the valley bottom became a small lake of red slime and blood!

On the third day, the survivors awaited daybreak with a dread of the renewed attack about to come. Even Tanglin had resigned himself to the fact that death was now inevitable. As far as the eye could see surrounding the old fort was throngs of the enemy! A whole battalion of Half-Orcs, and a small army of Dourhands controlled the battle and the savage orcs and goblins in their ranks. As the sun rose that day, the last of the Lonelanders gathered around Tanglin, Rasagast, and Eric the Younger. Tanglin stood atop a damaged wall and spoke to the last of the lost few remaining souls. “Today is our last day on this earth. Today is our final farewell. Today we say goodbye to those who have died so bravely here and who have now blazed a trail into the unknown, that we will soon follow. But,...but...TODAY WE STAND! TODAY WE STAND AS ONE! TODAY WE WILL TAKE SO MANY OF THIS RABBLE WITH US INTO DEATH THAT OUR NAMES WILL BE AS ETERNAL AS THIS LAND!!! NOW TO BATTLE AND GLORIOUS DEATH!!”

So many defenders of Ost Guruth died that the bodies had to be stacked like wood. Yet, they fought on, and through sheer determination and stamina, they held the enemy back. Then Micwood screamed from the battlements!! “Something is happening towards the west” As the warriors gathered on the wall they saw the enemy in disarray it looked as if a small group of warriors was attacking the rear and trying to break through to get to the fort! Klordavin slapped Micwood on the back and smiled at his dear friend! Both were covered in blood and gore, but as always their spirits were high! It became clearer what the ruckus was as they got a closer look at who it was and what was happening! Kuzo, Boddoburg and a group of Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits were blasting a swart through the enemy and moving rapidly towards the fort! The screams of dying half-orcs and Dourhands could be heard above the anguished howls of orcs and goblins. It appeared that Boddoburg had a small train of horses with him laden with much-needed supplies. The survivors opened the gates and a vanguard ran out and with all the drive of those about to die, fought with such vigor that a clear path to the gate was opened up and all made it back inside safely. The attackers fell back from the walls and seemed to be reaccessing the situation from the shock of what had just happened.

Tanglin stood and took Kuzo into his arms and gave him a huge Bear hug! “I am happy to see you, my friend!” Kuzo looked up at his huge friend, and it was then that Tanglin saw the solemn look in his bloodshot red eyes. Thoranhad, Pancake, Lekdottir, and Unbeard looked about the fort in disbelief. Lyseris had a terrible wound to his shoulder and was helped to the triage, by Sarph. Folks were relieved they were alive! Kuz stepped away and walked to the horses he had led into the fort without a word. He undid the bundles and with reverence., he took the body of his baby girl, his wife, and son off the backs of the horses. It was not supplies he had. He placed the corpses on the ground. Wulfgharm and Xalathor and Prip stood in reverence, heads cast downward. Then Boddoburg, began to cry as his family was laid out next to Kuz's. “We must place these souls into the earth from which we had for so long made our living. Then we will fight, then we will KILL THEM ALL!!”

Chapter 3. The Birth of The Forsaken Lonelanders

The defenders fought with every effort but they were becoming tired, and the battle had gone out of most! Tanglin stood on the south wall and below him on that spot was a mountain of dead orcs and half-orcs. It was the numbers that were beating the Lonelanders, not the skill of the attackers, for they fell like flies. The women and children of the town were hidden away in the Brown Tower of Rastagast and a good thing too because the walls closest to it crumbled under the weight of the onslaught.

The enemy poured into the main square and the defenders saw that all was lost! This would be their last stand. Kuzo, Tang, and Bod looked to each other with the knowledge that this was the last time they would see each other in this world. Kuz directed Bod, to set the charges that had been planted below the tower. Better they all die than be captured and tortured by the savage beasts that surrounded them.

For the second time now in a day, Bod allowed his feelings to show. He wore his heart on his sleeve as always. It was one of the things that endeared him to the High Elf, Kuzo. They had been friends since they had met, but it was all to be history now or written up in song. Bod took a torch and lit it from one of the many fires that blazed about them, as the final moments of the battle closed in on them all. He approached the line of powder that had been poured out and led to a hole in the tower wall. A trail that led to about a ton of black powder below the building and in tunnels below them all. The enemy was in for one last surprise from the Lonelanders, one last offensive maneuver!

Bod, was about to drop the torch onto the powder trail when he heard Tang scream out loudly!! "Stop, don`t do it!! The Jorthkyn are coming, the Jorthkyn are coming!!!"

Frideric the Younger remembered the words the Jorthkyn leader had last spoken to him when he had gone to their camp with an offering of peace. Frideric told the Jorthkyn they were welcome in the Lonelands, and would always have a home here. The Chief said the same thing each time Frideric had visited with meat. 'Kekkonen accepts the gift, little one, yet we cannot give anything in return. We cannot give help to others until we have no more troubles. We are chased from our home and must find a place that is safe.'

There were not only those Jorthkyn from the nearby camp, but hundreds of them! Where had they come from? How was this possible! The Orcs were scattered and swept aside like insects, and goblins ran about in disarray, dying by the hundreds! The half-orcs realized the tides had turned and began a strategic retreat to the ruins in the surrounding hills. The goblins ran in every direction to escape the wrath of the giants that attacked them from every direction! The defenders once again mounted the walls and began to take out the stragglers. The battle was won, but at a cost that was yet to be accessed, a cost of blood, of life, of family.

That night the Jorthkyn stayed inside Ost Guruth with the families and friends they had saved. There was no celebration, just somber silence, and reverence. The clean up alone would take weeks.

Kuz spoke to those gathered. All had dipped their arms in blood, and many had lost those they loved and held dear. "No one came to our aid but these giants we once feared. No one came to our side in our most desperate time of need. Noone supported us with weapons or armor. We have been forsaken! Well, we will not see that happen to anyone else! We will stand by all those in need, and we will help anyone who asks for our help. We will do so with pride and with honor! The Forsaken Lonelanders will stand together and fight for the freedom of all free peoples! We are The Forsaken Lonelanders!

"Ok, I have a huge thirst for something other than blood! Where can a guy get a beer around here?" Shouted Prip