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How to take a screen shot!

1. Remove all huds and game info by clicking on f12

2. Remove floaty names by hitting N

3. Frame your shot carefully by moving the camera around your subject (You do this by holding down the left mouse button and then moving your mouse around.)

4. Check the lighting and be sure the image is not too dark or too bright
( Alt + f10 will turn on your lantern and can help illuminate in dark places)

5. Choose a good background. A good background should be simple. If your taking a landscape, or location shot use 1/3 sky 2/3 ground, or 2/3 sky and 1/3 ground)

6. Foreground-Midground-Background! Have something in the very foreground ie. a part of a plant or tree, a clear midground ( subject) and a distant back ground.

7. Use emotes!! You can create a short cut for your emotes to use when taking a screen shot. /shortcut LOC Emote LOC is a number between 1 and 72 corresponding to a quickslot. ie: /shortcut 45 /dance1

8. Hit Ctrl P or f11 to take the shot

How to put your image in our Gallery!

a. Log in on our website
b. Click on the Media Tab and Images from the drop down
c. Select the appropriate gallery ( Kin Pics , etc) or as directed in contest
d. Click on Upload
e. Click on box and select image from your files or drag images to box
f. Check image in gallery
g. Congratz!!!

Things to consider when taking a photo, and criteria used in judging:

Technical criteria

Exposure Focus/sharpness
Colour and/or tonal rendition

Visual and aesthetic criteria

Framing and choice of viewpoint
Design elements and principles
Appropriate application of photographic and/or manipulative
Visual impact


The moment
Subject impact

Viewer’s response


General characteristics

Photographic vision