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You can receive your first Legendary Weapon and Item at level 45 by talking to the Dwarf at the Gates of Moria near Echad DĂșnann (Sindarin for Camp of the West Gate) is an elven ruin near the Gates of Moria. It is one of the four quest hubs in Eregion. [50.51S, 7.82W], and do the Epic Book quest chain that starts with him; alternatively, you can purchase Legendary Items with Ancient Script that you will receive throughout the game.

Find Gobeth Teithian, The Archive of Traceries in The Last Homely House, to the left as you enter the building, on the second floor. The Archive is also where you can barter for Traceries and acquire higher rarity Traceries in exchange for Cracked and Shattered Traceries.

To learn all about this process watch the Video Guide on this page! Everything is explained in simple easy to under stand process and language! Then reforge at the level range displayed on the guide below.

You must have completed the quest Chapter 13: The Watcher in the Water in order to access The Archive.