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Captain Guide by Forvorgor

Welcome to the Captain guide!

Captain is a jack-of-all-trades, and can fill many roles. It can do do damage, provide support, main tank, off-tank, and heal. At endgame, captain can be a difficult class to play, as your role is very important, and your contributions are vital in instances. You will never have to worry about joining a raid/instance because captains will always have a spot in a raid.

There are many different usages of a captain, and here are some of them.

Red Line (Lead the Charge)

Role: Support and Minor Damage

Primarily used in raids, situationally in 6-mans, and for leveling/landscape.

Trait Line:

If a taunt is needed, swap out a rank in Dignified Spectacle (Blue) for Threatening Shout (Yellow).You can also put points in Skilled Hands (Blue) if healing is needed, and Revealing Mark (Blue) instead of Telling Mark (Red) and Advantageous Attack (Red) if there is no cappy tank in group and you need the extra heals.

Red captain is a "flex" spot, so traits can vary drastically depending on what is required of you.

Yellow Line (Leader of Men)

Role: Tank and Minor Heals

Great tank, can be used in all instances. Depending on raid, will be either main tank or off-hand.

Two different trait builds:

Use this tree when you are the only captain, as it gives you all of the necessary buffs to keep up. Can swap Absorb Momentum (Yellow) and Shrug Blows Aside (Yellow) for other needed traits, like a stun with Terrifying Bellow (Yellow) or more heals with Relentless Optimism (Blue)

This is a basic tank line for raids when there is a red captain. You have 6 leftover trait points do with it what you wish. If a boss does primarily physical hits, put some points in Absorb Momentum (Yellow) for higher block. If enemies do a lot of inductions, feel free to trait into Terrifying Bellow (Yellow) to get a short AoE stun. If neither of these apply, you can trait into Astute Hands (Blue) for some extra healing capability.

Time of Need (Yellow) can be traited in your 3-man and 6-man build (or raid without red captain), but it shouldn't be traited when you are in raids with a red captain. Instead, use crafted Captain Tonics to gain a battle-readied state at the beginning of a difficult raid fight to start with better control.

Blue Line (Hands of Healing)

Role: Healer

Blue Captain is not very viable right now, but can be a niche pick depending on a raid's mechanics. It can be fun to play in lower tier instances and raids, but this will be rarely used in more difficult content.

You can spend the last 6 traits however you'd like for different scenarios. The Standard of Honour (Blue) is frankly garbage. If you are the only captain in a group, you should trait Penetrating Cry (Red) to get the extra buffs. If you aren't the only captain, you can choose to build more for offense with Make Them Bleed (Red) and Impactful Blows (Red), or defensively with Situational Awareness (Yellow). If you need a taunt, you can trait Threatening Shout (Yellow).