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“It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.” The Fellowship of the Ring, Sam Hamfast Gamgee

"A day is never as complete as a well dressed character, nor is it as well as a well dressed charactor completes a day!" The Forsaken Lonelanders, Kuzo

The Lonelanders Basic Guide to Cosmetics

It is easy enough to make some basic mistakes when first you encounter cosmetics. Cosmetic armor, items, clothes can be wore to give an appearance to those who see you which is not that of your equipped armor. It may often be the case that the armor you are wearing has a range of styles and colors that conflict, and you may not want to go around looking like a baffoon! One option might be to dye your armor so that you have a cohesive color scheme and tie things together that way, but with levelling so quickly you will out grow that armor faster than a dragon fireworks can explode! So, what is to be done. You can don some cosmetic clothes!!

The first thing you will need will be the clothes you want to wear! Armor you have outgrown but love, can be used cosmetically! I keep my Moria set( Lev. 60 ) and wear it at Lev 130 because I love the design! I do not wear it as armor ( Equipped) but as a cosmetic. You can get cosmetcs at skirm camps, and festivals or at Laila's market in Bree, as well as the LOTRO STORE. You can keep your cosmetics in your cosmetic chest, and share it with other toons on your account!

How to wear cosmetics:

1. Open your charactor Panel. (See image below)

2. Click on the Cosmetic Tab

3. The first tab on the right, and the panel that opens shows the equipped items.
Do not slot cosmetcs here!

4. Select an Outfit Tab! This will open a cosmetic outfit panel. It is here you will drag your cosmtic items.

You can slot your cosmetic iems here by pulling them from your inventory and into the appropriate slots. You may also hide items you do not want shown in world by clicking on the eyes next to each slot. Now go out and get fancy!!

A well dressed Lonelander is a (to be continued)