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(Jan 12, 2022)
Just thought I would say hi. Hi everyone!
(Jan 09, 2022)
Yes, Klasin,..they have fixed it now
(Dec 10, 2021)
Is anyone else experiencing "Game Launch Failure" when they try to load the game?
(Feb 16, 2021)
@chiz, @ Kalasin, I hve a kin dedicated to Leeroy....I bow to his greatness...LOL
(Feb 10, 2021)
@Kalasin: its been done; though I'm not mentioning any names here ;)
(Feb 04, 2021)
Does anyone ever just want to pull a Leroy Jenkins during a skirmish?
(Nov 03, 2020)
Hope all is well with you Kuzo!
(Oct 16, 2020)
off for holiday weekend!
(Oct 15, 2020)
LOL,..I like your idea Fen,,
(Oct 15, 2020)
No,,Just take a great photo!
(Oct 14, 2020)
ya know, since we're doing the chicken run on saturday
(Oct 14, 2020)
Yes, Chizbo, good question. Any perimeters for the photo contest? I say we have to make it with a chicken in the frame somewhere
(Oct 14, 2020)
What is pic contest this week? Not in-game right now...
(Oct 14, 2020)
Hi Kuzo! What up!
(Oct 14, 2020)
Yo!! Chiz
(Oct 14, 2020)
32 songs added to the Band Guide
(Oct 14, 2020)
Band page is under Guides
(Oct 12, 2020)
found i think (4 songs for now) See ya =)
(Oct 12, 2020)
Hey where is the Band page please? (o-o)